Supporting Community and Engagement with NUflex

 NUflex strives to facilitate connectedness and community. Students thrive when they build relationships with their peers and get to know their instructors.

The following best practices for instructors can enhance student learning and satisfaction in a NUflex course:

Build Relationships

  • Incorporate group work
  • Stick to small groups
  • Keep groups consistent across multiple class sessions

Facilitate Interactions

  • Use polls, chats, and discussions
  • Check student knowledge
  • Get student feedback

Keep Students Learning between Classes

  • Share class recordings
  • Enhance learning with online materials
  • Organize course materials in modules

Maximize Presence

  • Use break-out rooms on Zoom
  • Encourage students to bring their own computers and headphones
  • Encourage students to share their video

Connect with Students beyond the Classroom

  • Personalize the learning experience
  • Check in with students during class
  • Hold weekly coffee hours

Build in Flexibility

  • Acknowledge difficulties adjusting to new learning formats
  • Request feedback frequently
  • Provide flexibility on due dates

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