Collaboration and Study Spaces on Campus

Outside of classrooms and residence halls, designated locations on campus provide students with safe places to study, participate in classes remotely, and meet in small groups. Northeastern’s health and safety guidelines apply in these spaces, including mask wearing and healthy distancing from others.

The spaces listed below are available to all students and locations will continue to be added frequently. Some spaces require reservations and include contact information to do so. Spaces that do not require reservations areĀ first-come, first-serve. Please be respectful to fellow students and limit time spent in the spaces as needed.

The types of study spaces available include:

Private Individual Space

Private enclosed space that students can utilize for online class interaction, interviews, and virtual meetings.

Quiet Study Space

Open study space that is shared by other students, but encourages a quiet level of individual study.

Group Collaboration Space

Breakout spaces, both private and semi-private, where students can gather in small groups to collaborate on shared classwork and academic activities.

Find your Study Space