Classroom Technology

Supporting digital flexibility for teaching and learning

What is NUflex?

NUflex classroom technology is a web-conferencing system that supports teaching and learning, and provides digital flexibility for both instructors and students through cameras, microphones, computers, a projection system, and integrated software.

Classroom Technology

Using technology in the classrooms, instructors can lead class sessions that set up all students for success. Read about the capabilities in the classrooms across Northeastern’s global network, download QuickStart Guides, andsearch for classrooms by campus and building. 

Classroom touch panels receiving updates

In an effort to simplify the classroom experience for Northeastern instructors, a number of Crestron panels will be updated with new user interfaces. Instructor feedback has shown that the current existing interface experiences are not as intuitive as they could be. The planned changes will help address these concerns, and simplify the experience of teaching with technology at Northeastern.  

Keep Teaching, Keep Learning

Resources and training are available to ensure that both instructors and students have the best experience with classrooms and other technology that support digital flexibility. To help instructors who are new to the technology or who would like additional practice or guidance, workshops are available for Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft Teams collaboration tools, and other teaching and learning technology.