A safe, hybrid-flexible way to teach and learn

Northeastern’s reopening to students in the fall includes the implementation across all campuses of a learning model, Hybrid NUflex. This model leverages new technology and flexible schedules to enable students to learn from anywhere, anytime.

Learning From Anywhere

Hybrid NUflex allows students to learn from anywhere—in an on-campus classroom or anywhere in the world. The participants in the classroom will have a safe in-person experience that meets public health guidelines to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while at the same time those at a distance can still fully participate in the activities of a class.

Classroom Technology

Using new and existing classroom technology, faculty can teach students who are both in the classroom and at a distance. Read more about the enhancements and capabilities in classrooms across Northeastern’s global network that can be expected this fall.

Canvas and Integrated Tools

Canvas is a home base for all course materials, activities, and teaching tools this fall. Read more about how students and instructors can continue learning and teaching during scheduled real-time classes as well as in between class meetings.

Dynamic Scheduling

Density in classrooms will be reduced to meet public health guidelines and help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Dynamic scheduling in the new Student Hub gives students flexibility in how to attend classes , on a weekly basis.


Using both existing and new technology, combined with available accessibility tools and best practices, faculty will have the capability to:

  • be seen and heard by all students
  • see and hear all students
  • display presentation materials (e.g., slide decks and videos)
  • allow students to display presentation materials
  • use digital whiteboards and similar tools to write out and display problems, equations, or other handwritten content
  • record the class session for later viewing


With classroom technology, in combination with personal equipment, students both in class and at a distance will be able to:

  • see and hear the faculty member
  • see and hear all other students
  • be seen and heard by all class participants
  • access any presentations, whiteboards, or other digital materials
  • display presentation materials (e.g., slide decks and videos)


Keep Teaching, Keep Learning

Resources and support will be provided to help ensure that faculty and students have the best experience with the technology that enables the Hybrid NUflex program. Remote health monitoring of in-room systems will help minimize disruptions and potential downtime. More details on the classroom configurations, including visuals, documentation, and training will be shared in the coming weeks.

Workshops are available now for faculty to familiarize themselves with and gain competency in Canvas, Zoom, accessibility tools, and other technologies used for teaching a Hybrid NUflex class. 

Hybrid NUflex FAQs

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